Blocked Drains Taringa

Taringa and surrounding suburbs

Taringa is a residential suburb which is five kilometers south-west of central Brisbane. The suburb’s name was given by early Europeans and is believed to have been derived from a combination of 2 Aboriginal words “tarau” which means stones and “nga” meaning made of. The suburb saw a population of 7,176 recorded during the 2011 Australian Census.

The area is mostly suburban with a small number of commercial establishments mostly gathered along Moggill Road. It is lined by a ridge that runs the length of Swann Road, with sharp slopes on either side of the ridge. It is important the sewage and drainage lines should be kept in tip top shape considering that most of the area topography is composed of slopes and gradients. The moment that there are flaws within these lines like poorly fitted joints and incorrect alignment, these may lead to leaks and openings which will potentially invite foreign materials and substances like sand and soil to build up inside which may obstruct the effective flow of water. Pipes, especially those of vitrified clay are extremely fragile. Continuous ground excavations, external forces and movements can also affect and later on damage pipes. What happens indoors is a totally different story. Common causes of drainage clogs include grease and fats which are slithered down kitchen sinks. In time, they fuse with coagulants forming a thick clot which blocks water from flowing. Aside from fats, scraps and other fragments from your kitchen ends up sliding down the sink, the other primary source of blockages is hair. They cling on the joints and gateway of water underneath, clumping and blocking any form of liquid.

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