Blocked Drains Tingalpa

Tingalpa and surrounding suburbsTingalpa is a residential suburb at the junction of Wynnum and Manly Roads is located 10 kilometres in a direct line from Brisbane CBD. This is surrounded by nearby suburbs of Belmont, Hemmant, Cannon Hill and Manly West. Possible origin of the suburbs name may have originated from Tingalpa Creek which is situated 5 kilometres east of the area. Another source of its name thought to have sprung from the Turrubal words ‘tangul’ which means a plant for stupefying fish and ‘pa’ meaning a place. It was also believed that it came from the word Tingulpa which was a local term meaning fat kangaroo. The suburb has a population of 8,539 based on the 2011 Australian Census.

From small farms and semi industrial region, recent developments of new estates and housing glazed the region over the past five years which contributed to the increase in population. Some of the area contains older style homes built during the post war period and still contains old pipes. With the continuous construction and ground excavations, these pipes may be affected and damaged leading to foreign substances like sand and silt to enter these openings. When these occur, they may leave residues which could hamper the effective flow of sewage water.

The suburbs’ western edge is defined by Bulimba Creek and extensive linear parklands, and the settled edge is defined by the Gateway Motorway. There are other low-lying or wetland reserves, dominated by tree roots which also find its way through these openings and could also be an obstruction in the current of water underground.

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