Blocked Drains Upper Brookfield

UpperBrookfield and surrounding suburbs

Upper Brookfield is an outer suburb located 16 kilometers west of Brisbance CBD. It is named after its nearby suburb of Brookfield particularly distanced north of it. Its population reached 655 based on the 2011 Australian census.

Just the same as Brookfield, the region is heavily forested. Even a tiny opening in the pipes underground can attract tree roots to enter as it seeks water and nutrients supply. They can get in through poorly aligned joints, fissures and flaws and can further expand causing these openings to become larger. Sand deposits and small rocks can also pave its way through these water lines and may cause serious blockages if not resolved. Since majority of the areas contain trees, leaves and other debris are often times washed into nearby drainages which can massively buildup affecting the flow of water to its destination. In toilets and bathrooms, surprisingly, paper products and hair are usually washed down drains, they may not initially block water but the more these materials are slithered down sink holes, they accumulate and form barricades causing water to shoot up. Grease and other fatty residues are often taken for granted, knowing that they are liquid; they can easily pass through these pipes. What we don’t know is that when these products are mixed with cold water, they congeal and form a thick clot which sticks in the linings of the pipes and hinders water to flow effectively.

We don’t have to wonder and exert too much thought in seeking help for drain cleaning issues, simply contact DCB on 07 3667 8003.