Blocked Drains Upper Kedron

UpperKedron and surrounding suburbs

Upper Kedron is an emerging residential suburb located 12 kilometers north-west of Brisbane CBD. The suburb lies along two branches of the Kedron Brook which are Kedron and Cedar creek. It was named by German missionaries who lived at Nundah in 1838. Kedron is a valley and river usually mentioned in Biblical accounts.

The suburb’s geographical layout is settled on the edge of the Brisbane forest park and is majority hilly and timbered in nature. Most commercial and residential establishments were built gaining more people to live in the area. The population reached 3,432 during the 2011 Australian census. As tree roots dominate the underground layer, they continuously seek out water and nutrients to survive and often times, they end up wreaking havoc in the pipelines underneath. They enter even in tiny leaks and openings and they gradually grow causing drainage to become slower until no water can even pass through. When pipes are wrongly or inappropriately attached, they can also cause leaks and damages causing soil and sand to enter these openings which leads to clogged drainage. Blocked drains are also most common indoors. Hair and soap suds are washed down frequently into drain holes. In time, they clump and stick together which creates an obstruction of water as it flows back up. Grease and even food scraps are also misrouted down the kitchen sinks causing it to form a blockage.

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