Blocked Drains Upper Mount Gravatt

UpperMountGravatt and surrounding suburbsUpper Mount Gravatt is a residential suburb which matured during the 1960s-70s, is on Logan Road, 10 km south-east of Brisbane CBD. The suburb’s name and origins are described under the entry on Mount Gravatt. The region was officially recognized as a place name in 1969 but came into existence when a local primary school was opened in 1929. It was identified during the 2011 Australian census that the population reached 8,851.

The suburb has a community centre, a memorial hall, a bowling club, St Bernards Catholic primary school established in 1965, the Clairvaux-McKillop Catholic College and another drive-in shopping centre, Palmdale, opposite Garden City. Construction of a 12-storey hotel featuring a conference facility as well as hotel and residential units was approved in 2014. It has increasingly become an important centre in the last 15 years.

As establishments continue to build in the region, subsequent works causes fragile pipes are disturbed and are affected. This can cause continuous ground movements creating openings which invite sand, soil and sediments to enter these water lines. In time, they form a solid obstruction which eventually leads to flooding. Other than this, tree roots may cause blockage as well. Tree roots can grow as much as 2.5 times the height of its tree. There are instances wherein these roots thrive inside underground pipes for water and nourishment and at the same time cause heavy obstruction of water. Solidified grease from fats, oil and food scums washed down kitchen sinks, as well as hair and soap suds in bathroom and toilet drains can also cause domestic drain clogs which could aggravate if no specific actions and attention are done.

Upper Mount Gravatt residences can surely rely on DCB for their local drainage assistance, you can call them on 07 3667 8003.