Blocked Drains Virginia

Virginia is primarily a residential suburb and is located 10 km north-east of central Brisbane. It is believed that itsVirginia and surrounding suburbs name was derived after the American state of Virginia. Another origin came as the name of the suburb was taken after the Virginia Brick Company, founded in 1897, near the Virginia Railway Station, which opened in 1888. The region has been an area consisting of farm lands and swamp initially; the suburb is situated on the Downfall Creek which is connected by the Zillman Waterholes stream at suburb’s eastern side. The creek swampland is now bounded by the Virginia Golf Course which is also currently a recreation reserve. Its census population has been documented at 2,061 last 2011.

The area has been highlighted as a residential suburb with many timbers and tin Queenslander style housing. The area has been massively lined with mature trees and greenery which become main felons of blocked drains and sewers. Its tree roots get inside these water lines forming a living clog which prevents water to flow effectively. These roots dig and crawl its way to pipes especially those of old and deteriorating ones in search of water supply which are abundantly present in these underground pipes. It further damages and creates bigger openings allowing sand, deposits and other foreign substances to coagulate and blocked the drainages. Other than those outside of the homes, more often occurrences include those that transpire indoors. Hair, soap and food washed down the drains and kitchen sinks can also cause annoying issues on blocked passageway.

If you are a resident of Virginia and would like to put immediate action on drain cleaning, DCB can be contact on 07 3667 8003.