Blocked Drains Wavell Heights

Wavell Heights is a suburb situated 10 kilometers north of the Brisbane central business district. It is named afterWavellHeights and surrounding suburbs Field Marshal Lord Wavell; he was the Commander-In-Chief of the Allied Forces in the Middle East during World War II. It was originally known as West Nundah but later on requested to be changed to Wavell Heights by the Brisbane City Council in 1941. Wavell Heights is west of Sandgate Road and stretches southwards from Downfall Creek to Kedron Brook.

Majority of the suburb focuses on planting and farming until later on it was streamlined and invested on linear parks, recreation areas and housing estates near the creek. Residents have neighborhood shopping centers and regional establishments which brought about people to live and capitalize in the place. 2011 Census recorded 9,435 in the suburb and continuous to rise over the past few years. More residential houses continue to increase alongside contributors to potentially blocking drainages and pipes. Indoor culprits include hair being a common cause of clogged drains. Large strands of hair slither down the drains, as these fall down the pipes, they get caught on the drainage pipes and clump. As the clump grows larger, the more it obstructs water from flowing. Kitchen sinks are also easily clogged when uncontrolled food particles are flushed down. Soap combined with hard water can leave nasty residue on the pipes which could further create blockage of liquid or water to pass through effectively.

Residents of Wavell Heights would definitely need to try preventing these from happening but if you are already experiencing such, please call DCB on 07 3667 8003.