Blocked Drains Windsor

Windsor is an inner northern suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, located about 5 kilometers to the cityWindsor and surrounding suburbs center. The suburb was initially part of Ithaca extending westwards from Nundah to the foothills of the D’Aguilar Range. It was detached from Ithaca in 1887 and became Windsor Shire which was believed to have originated after the Windsor Castle during the glory years of Queen Victoria’s reign. Population has been recorded at 6,389 based on the 2011 Australian Census.

The area has been largely residential, featuring many ancient Queenslanders, and also a mix retail commercial activity, highlighted along Lutwyche and Newmarket Roads. With the suburb’s focus on urbanization, more and more residents continue to live in the area increasing the number or residential houses, apartments and land estates. Many of the pre-installed pipes including the ones which are already waning are affected to the point that there will be instances of unwanted damage to these lines causing foreign materials to enter and create a huge buildup of deposits causing water not to flow efficiently. Tree roots find its way through these cracks and openings which also creates an obstruction. Choked or blocked drainage may also have been caused by soaps, fats or food buildup inside the pipes that flow underneath; it may not initially fully block the drain but in time, if no action is done, it will continue to collate and coagulate with other substances preventing any form of liquid to pass through freely. Worse, it may back up to the source which can pose harmful effects on health and safety.

For help or advice on drain cleaning, residents of Windsor may simply call DCB on 07 3667 8003 and we will immediately respond to your needs.