Blocked Drains Woolloongabba

Woolloongabba and the surrounding areaWoolloongabba is an inner-city suburb of Brisbane, Australia. It is located 2 kilometres south-east of the CBD, and contains the Brisbane Cricket Ground (‘the Gabba’) and the Princess Alexandra Hospital. The region is intersected by several major roads including the Pacific Motorway. The suburb is said to mean meeting place in Aboriginal and it has been a gathering point for sports lovers for decades. The Gabba is part of the most famous cricketing legends and served as the scene of some memorable performances including the famous tied Test in 1960.

The Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) is located on Ipswich Road in Woolloongabba. This establishment served as one of the major hospitals in Brisbane and is currently also being utilized for educational purposes of the University of Queensland. From 1927 until 1969 the largest of the Brisbane City Council’s tram depots was on Ipswich Road, opposite the Princess Alexandra Hospital. It was also used by the council’s buses. The Woolloongabba Fiveways was a complex junction with tram and railway lines, and tram and trolleybus overhead. In early 1942 the first Coca Cola bottling plant in Australia was built at 36-39 Balaclava Street in the suburb. It was originally intended to supply the demands of the newly-arrived US military work forces, but later stretched production to the local Australian market.

The suburb highlights a very busy and fast paced lifestyle, adding up to its proximity to the Brisbane central business district. With commercial constructions continuously flourishing and the number of establishments continuously increasing, the likelihood of collapsed and damaged pipes also increases due to structures, heavy equipment and nonstop ground movements. This eventually lead to clogged drains and water systems which will require professional cleaning. Woolloongabba has many high-density apartment buildings so blocked drains from unsuitable debris being flushed down the toilets in the area are common also. As with most other suburbs, tree roots are also a concern in relation to cracked and damaged water pipes in the area.

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