Blocked Drains Wooloowin

Wooloowin is an inner-north residential suburb of Brisbane, Australia located 6 kilometers north of the city’sWooloowin and surrounding suburbs central Brisbane. The suburb’s name originated from either the local Indigenous Australian term for a pigeon or the term for a species of fish. It was the home of Brisbane’s first resident Judge, Alfred Lutwyche. Incidentally, the suburb is also situated on Lutwyche Road where the first resident judge was living.

The majority of the area has been occupied by the suburb’s highly attractive dwellings which started during the 50’s where the suburb was filled with middle class family.  Since the region was close to Lutwyche Road and Toombul shopping centers and had bus and rail public transport and about 70% of its dwellings were free standing, it enticed people to live and migrate to this suburb. To validate such attractiveness, the population of the suburb reached 5, 942 which were recorded by the Australian census last 2011.

As the count of family and dwellings increase, more households experience some form of blockage within their home whether these are indoors or outdoors. Indoor clogs mainly in kitchen sinks are caused by grease and fat which are continuously washed down the sinks and will eventually stick to the inside of the pipes until no liquids can pass through it. Soap, which is corrosive, soaks into mass and slowly deteriorates and erodes the iron pipe walls. Food particles which are also an annoying form of blockage are intentionally or unintentionally slither down the pipes causing buildup narrowing the opening for water to flow effectively. Outdoor blockage on the other hand includes dried leaves obstructing the water ways and tree roots which crawl its ways to the openings of crack pipes which lead to internal clog.

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