Blocked Drains Wynnum

Wynnum and surrounding suburbsWynnum is a residential suburb located on Moreton Bay south of the entrance of the Brisbane River and is situated 16 kilometers east-north-east of Brisbane CBD. It is believed that the name originated from a local term describing the screw pine, a popular name for the Pandanus species, most of which are found in coastal, tidal stream or marshy milieu.

Although the suburb is situated next to the ocean, the shoreline is enclosed in mangroves and aromatic mudflats. The suburb has traditionally boasted a country town ambiance however new residential development brings a significant population growth and change of demographics. The area is now manifested by a mix of distinctive housing and modern dwellings. Due to the region’s topography, the roots of the trees surrounding the region often finds its way in nearby residential pipe lines especially those of cracked and deteriorating ones leading to an immediate presence of blocked drains. As the roots discover the abundant supply of water in these lines, they clumped and form a huge ball of intertwined roots which prevents water to flow continuously. Indoor occurrences of blocked drains in houses and establishments are more common. When fatty food, oil and grease slides its way down the kitchen sinks, they often mix with cold water forming a thick sticky substance that can solidify quickly and cause water to flow back up the source. When toilet plug holes are stuffed with paper products such as tissue or napkins, they instantly block sewage water from streaming through its destination. This could be a terrible cause of inconvenience and could pose a grave risk to health if no actions are done promptly

If you are a resident of Wynnum and would need effective drain cleaning solutions, please don’t hesitate to call DCB on 07 3667 8003.