Blocked Drains Yeerongpilly

Yeerongpilly and surrounding suburbsYeerongpilly is both a residential and industrial suburb on a railway junction is located 7 kilometres south of Brisbane. It is thought that the name was derived from an Aboriginal expression denoting water, perhaps a reference to the water holes on the Moolabin Creek or to the Brisbane River. The population of the suburb reached 1,984 as per the 2011 Australian Census which has Asian dominant inhabitants.

As modernization and constructions continue to rise, there are instances when these lead to damaged or crack pipes underneath. Tree roots within the area find its way through these openings causing serious clogs in the water flow. Homeowners also experience drain clogs in their kitchen sinks due to cooking grease and fats poured down these descends. These substances over time accumulate causing it to stick inside of the pipes until such time that no liquid could pass through. Ground-up food from garbage disposals can also get stuck causing unwanted stubborn obstructions. With the surge of people being attracted in this suburb, the increase of houses and families are very much evident. Every household experiences blocked drains and are often times very irritating and always happen to block at the most unwanted occasions. Other materials such as soap and foreign objects get trapped in between the pipes and the bathroom drains leading to permanent obstructions when no action is done immediately.

Yeerongpilly residents with annoying problems related to drain cleaning can immediately call DCB at 07 3667 8003. We will ensure effective and quick response to this issue.