Blocked Drains Yeronga

Yeronga and surrounding suburbsYeronga is a residential suburb with a long shoreline on the Brisbane River and is situated five kilometres south of Brisbane CBD. It is thought that the name was derived from a local word, yerongpa, which describes a sandy place. The 2011 Australian Census recorded a population of 5,540.

There were a series of creeks and bays near the river, and these were initially used as rubbish tips for the expanding area. Once the lagoons were filled, they were topped with clay and became parks. This explains the relatively large area of parkland, sports fields and open space adjacent to the river in currently in the area. Urban residential settlements continue to also flourish in the region.

Due to the topography of the region being water dominant, the need for an effective drainage system is on hand. However, massive ranges of trees parade the majority of the suburb. Tree roots cause enormous damage underground and often times these roots crawl its way to various underground pipe openings leading to serious blockage of water supply. Water flow issues due to incorrect pipe installation with inadequate falls contribute to the buildup of particles and substances which eventually lead to clogged drains. Other culprits of these drain issues include grease, oil and fatty affluences that continue to wash down the drains and over time leads to accumulation and sticks to the linings of pipes which make it hard for water to flow effectively.

If you are a resident of Yeronga and is in need of an immediate help on drain cleaning, all you need to do is to dial DCB at 07 3667 8003 and we’ll go remedy your problem.