Blocked Drains Zillmere

Zillmere is a post-World War II suburb within the City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and is located 14Zillmere and surrounding suburbs kilometers north of the Brisbane central business district.  The name of the suburb originated in 1888 after Zilman Waterholes, a watercourse flowing to the east and adjoining the Nundah Creek in Banyo in credit to Johann Leopold Zillmann. He was a German Lutheran missionary who established the Aboriginal mission at Zion Hill, Nundah. He was also a blacksmith and later on became a well-respected colonist and an official agent for the German migration to Queensland in 1870.

Farmlands and lots rule the suburb prior to the 1950s. Today, the area is made up of 60% residential and 40% industrial. During the past few years, parts of its shopping district have been restructured as part of the Brisbane City Council’s urban renewal project. The population of the suburb reached 8, 105 as recorded in the 2011 Census.

Majority of the area still contains trees and greenery wherein mature and well-developed tree roots exist. These roots are drawn to the nearest source of water which could entirely damage or crack pipes especially the ones that were already old. Over time, they create a permanent block in the underground pipes causing water to back flow if not cleared immediately. Residents may also encounter indoor drain issues arising from hair and soap sediments building up in bathroom drains and sinks. It may not block water initially but when these are not treated immediately, these may further coagulate causing an extreme obstruction in the water flow. Fats and oils also go down kitchen sinks, and then it condenses onto the cool walls of the pipes. They solidify and fill up narrowing the passageway of any forms of liquid.

Clearing these clogs is both difficult and messy but DCB will assist you 24 by 7. You may call them on 07 3667 8003.