Landscape Drainage

Water drainage in your garden is a lot more complicated than it seems. The type of soil in the yard, the vegetation, and the slope all play a role in how well the water can drain off. If your garden turns into a swimming pool after heavy rains, you have a problem.

Fortunately, we have a solution. We’ve got the experience to deal with everything Mother Nature might throw at you. Call us in to have a look, and we’ll advise you about the best drainage solutions.

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How Do I Fix Water Drainage In My Yard?

Installing a drainage system in your yard is the best place to start. The type of system you’ll need will depend on your location and the conditions in your garden. We’ll need to check what kind of soil you have, where the runoff leads, and how to improve things.

Generally speaking, though, if you’re wondering how you can improve my garden drainage, then you’re usually looking at:

• Stormwater drains in the backyard

• Possibly a channel and grates for drainage

• Stormwater pit installation

• Retaining wall drainage

• Or some combination of the above


How Do I Improve Drainage In Clay Soil?

Clay soil

If you have clay soil, your options are more limited. But don’t go digging up all the soil just yet. A decorative pond in the Moreton Bay Area can easily do double duty here. It can act in the same way that stormwater pits do but look much better.

Placed correctly, it helps to give the water somewhere to run off to. You can then leave it to filter into the ground naturally or install a drainage pipe to lead excess water away.


How Do You Drain A Soggy Garden?

If clay soil is the least of your problems, then you might want to know how to fix water drainage problems in the yard. Let’s go over some of the top solutions.


Landscape Drainage Solutions

Here are the backyard drainage solutions that we specialize in. These are useful in any area from East Brisbane to West Brisbane. Speak to us about creating a custom plan for your yard. Our qualified plumbers are in compliance with all local plumbing regulations.


Drainage Gravel

This measure is a simple solution. If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution for a minor drainage issue in Redlands or Ipswich, putting a layer of gravel down might be ideal.

Gravel can be used on the surface of the ground to prevent sogginess. It’s often used in minor cases in Redcliffe. It’s an excellent solution if you don’t want wet toes when getting in and out of your car.

The ground underneath can still become waterlogged, though, so it’s not good if you have a significant water problem. If the problem is more extensive, you’ll need a more permanent solution.

A French drain is an excellent option if it’s put in the right spot. In this case, it is all about location, location, location. It’s simple enough, but you should prepare yourself for some hard slog. (Or leave it to us.)

This method involves digging a deep trench. The trench must lead the water away to a better drainage area. The trench is then mostly filled with gravel and covered up with soil. The water drains through the gravel quickly and so won’t puddle on the ground.

The trench then leads the excess water to a better spot for drainage. It’s a highly effective method and one that will last for some time. The advantage here is that there are no open pits to worry about.

Over time, though, the trench will deteriorate and will need to be redone. However, the replacement shouldn’t happen for many years.


Channel Drains

These often have gravel in them to facilitate better drainage, but that’s not always the case. Their purpose is to redirect the water. These stormwater drains could lead the water off your property, or they could lead to stormwater pits. We’ll help you find the right solution.

stormwater drain

When installing a stormwater drain in the backyard, we also recommend installing stormwater drain grates. These help to keep some of the debris out, and they also prevent children and small animals falling into drains.

If you were trying to figure out how to drain a soggy garden, a system of channels and grates for drainage is a good bet. If your yard is in a drainage basin, drainage pipe installation could also be useful.

Before you ask what a drainage basin is, it’s merely an area that water collects in before running off. A good example is where water collects and runs into a river. North Brisbane and South Brisbane are considered part of the same drainage basin.

Your drainage problems might be related to a physical obstruction as well. Retaining wall drainage is extremely important. A retaining wall in Logan is not a great DIY project unless you’re a pro builder.

If there is insufficient drainage, the water will be trapped behind the wall and may weaken it. Eventually, the wall will start to bulge and collapse. You could end up dropping in on your neighbor quite unexpectedly as a result.

And, while we’re sure that they’re friendly enough, they’re bound to be irritated if half your garden ends up in their yard.

If you’re wondering how to install drainage pipes, contact us for professional help. We service all areas in Brisbane. So, whether you’re in Brisbane Southside or Redcliffe, we’re ready to assist.

Whether you’re after a couple of stormwater drains or a complete drainage system, we can assist. We offer professional services at an affordable rate.


Stormwater Pit Installation

A stormwater pit installation or drainage pit is a lot of hard work. If you’re not up for the digging, give us a call and let Drain Cleaning Brisbane handle it for you. We’ll make sure that it’s perfectly positioned to keep your yard from getting waterlogged.

If you need assistance when it comes to choosing the right stormwater drainage products and solutions, give us a call. You’ll never have to wonder how to facilitate drainage in your yard again.