plumbing repairs by plumberWhen selecting a plumber, it is important to consider a number of things to make sure you are working with a professional. You may have come across helpful tips like experience, reputation, certification and so on, but one crucial thing that most people fail to check is the quality of tools the plumber is using.

There are many advantages you can get from working with a plumber using quality and advanced tools. Our team at Drain Cleaning Brisbane are proud to use the best plumbing tools and are committed to customer satisfaction with every repair and installation job. Here are some benefits you’ll receive from our services and choice of top-quality tools.

Better Work Quality

Improved quality of work is one of the biggest advantages that come with quality plumbing tools. Imagine the quality, speed and efficiency of drain cleaning work you get from a plumber using an electric eel compared to one using a standard drain snake. In the same way, consider a plumber using an electric hammer drill to create pipe channels on a concrete wall versus doing it manually, or the time difference required for a technician to do a job using a cordless impact wrench compared to a manual wrench. This is the kind of difference that the choice of tools can make in the final result.  

Fast Project Completion

plumbing installationHaving plumbers in your home or business can cause a lot of inconvenience. You may be forced to stay behind to monitor how they are working, and of course, for property security reasons. The longer they stay, the more inconvenience they may cause to your daily life and appointment schedule, not to mention interruption of your business operations. High quality and advanced tools make a plumber work faster. If they can make channels on concrete walls and floors fast using a high-quality electric hammer drill, it means a shorter lead time as opposed to using a less powerful drill. In case of an emergency plumbing problem, it can be fixed faster with quality tools.

Reduced Cost of Plumbing Project

The overall plumbing cost of a plumbing project may be dependent on the quality of tools used. If the contractor’s charges go by hour, then the kind of tools used is a big factor. You will pay more for the work if the plumber is using old and outdated tools. That’s another reason why homeowners need to check on the kind of tools a plumber will be using during jobs quoted for.

Prolonged Plumbing Lifespan

plumbing toolsThere is a big relationship between plumbing tools’ quality and your plumbing system’s lifespan. More advanced plumbing tools, which are, of course, better quality, can maintain the plumbing system’s integrity for longer. A good example is the use of drain cameras in fixing clogged drains. You can tell where the problem is located and fix it, fast. With older tools where you may not be able to see the issue, it’s all about guesswork, which may end up with you incurring additional costs and inconvenience, not to mention frustration, if the recommended solution does not fix your plumbing problem.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

Another advantage of using quality tools is the reduced cost of maintenance. The cost of maintaining a plumbing system is dependent on the quality of services you hire. With a plumber who is using high-quality tools such as drain cameras, you get a long-lasting and efficient solution to your problems. You will need your plumber fewer times in a year, and this means less in overall spending.

Ultimately, it is important to ascertain that your licensed plumbers are using quality tools. If they are using budget tools, there is a chance that they may not be able to deliver your desired results. Therefore, consider making inquiries about the availability of plumber’s tools like drain cameras for blocked drains during the hiring process – it can save you money on plumbing in the end.