drain maintenance guide

How much do you pay for water in your monthly bill? Well, you will be shocked if you learn the actual percentage. The good news is that you can slash the cost by a significant percentage if you just apply a few simple water-saving tips. One thing that’s common to most homes in Brisbane and other parts of Australia is that wasted water forms a significant part of the bill. From the water leaking in the toilet and faucets to how you generally use water, all these factors add unnecessary costs to your water bills. If you can manage to reduce water wastage in your home, you will see a huge drop in your monthly bill.

Here are some tips on how to save money by reducing water wastage:

Low-Flow Showerheads

High-flow showerheads make you feel good when in the bathroom with its high pressure, but you end up wasting a lot of water for nothing. That is why low-flow showerheads are highly recommended for households. With these types of showerheads, you cut the amount of water that you use to take a shower by almost 50 percent. That cut will go a long way to reducing your monthly water bill. Even if you take a 10-minute shower, the amount of water is not even half of what you waste with a high-flow shower.

Set a Household Shower Time Limit

Yes, it may sound a bit far-fetched, but it will save immensely on the water bill.

A ten-minute shower can consume 42 gallons of water. That is too much water for just one person.

If you are a large family, you can just imagine the amount of water used for the shower alone if they take 10 minutes each. With the elimination of a luxurious, leisurely bathtime, the water bill will drastically go down. Water will be used efficiently in the house, and you will end up saving a significant amount of money.

Turn Off Taps

Apart from the nuisance of dealing with water drops hitting the ground, taps left on accidentally lead to an increase in the amount of water used in a household. Note that any amount of water passing the water meter is billed regardless of how it was used. Always turn off taps as any running water is taking your money straight down the drain. Don’t leave taps running since that is money going down the drain. You should also repair leaking taps quickly in order to reduce water wastage. Confirming all faucets in the home are up to standard may also help to save water since they offer a longer lifespan. There will be no leaks or flooding of the house if you turn off taps when not in use.

Clean Your Drains Regularly

how to keep drain pipes cleanClogged drains are a menace that will cost you a lot of money if they occur regularly. If you have a blocked drain and can’t fix it yourself, you should call a professional plumber to unblock your drain. With regular drain maintenance, you can avoid nasty drain clogs. First, ensure that there are filters in the kitchen, bathroom and bathtub sinks. The gadgets will help to trap and keep away hair, soap and other particles that lead to clogging after a buildup. Second, pouring a mixture of vinegar and baking soda down the drains keeps the drain pipes clean. Lastly, knowing the life expectancy of your system will be good for drain maintenance. These drain maintenance measures will help you avoid spending too much on blocked drains.

Don’t Flush Dental Floss or Hair

Another tip on how to keep drain pipes clean is avoiding flushing dental floss and hair down the drain. Most dental floss components are nylon and Teflon which are not biodegradable. Water cannot break them down, and that’s how they can cause clogged drain. On the other hand, hair flushed down the drain usually forms hairballs. It is common with households and big saloons where they wash hair from the sinks down the drain. These hairballs form some of the stubborn clogs in drain pipes. It will cost a lot of money to clear such blocked drains. Therefore, don’t flush hair and dental floss down the drain.

Check for Leaks

save-money-plumbing-repairsWater leaks are some of the most annoying plumbing problems in Brisbane’s households. They are everywhere from kitchen faucets, taps, toilets to showerheads. Unfortunately, some people have no idea how much they lose from leaks. Do you know that a small leak can lead to a loss of up to four gallons of water in a day? Do you also know that leaks can cause some permanent damage to the plumbing system as it can lead to dampness and rusting? If you can fix all leaking points in the house, you will not only reduce the cost of water bills but also save on the plumbing cost since they won’t arise.

Fix A Running Toilet

It is difficult to learn of a running toilet unless there is a sound of running water. That’s why a running toilet can be a silent place your money is going straight to the drain. A running toilet does not hold water constant and continues leaking it into the bowl throughout. Therefore, there is water going down the drain 24/7. The problem is usually the fill valve or a flapper/flush valve but can be fixed. To fix a running toilet, engage the services of a professional plumber.

These are handy plumbing tips that will save you money. Most of them, such as turning off the tap after use should always be at your fingertips. Some of these plumbing problems, such as leaking taps, you can fix yourself. However, to get the most of your water wastage management, always engage the services of a professional plumber. Drain Cleaning Brisbane is one of the reputable plumbing companies in Brisbane and its environs. They have earned the trust of Brisbane dwellers due to the quality of service and high customer satisfaction levels. They are your best bet for all your plumbing needs in Brisbane.