Stormwater Drains

With heavy downpours experienced in Brisbane during the rainy season, having properly-functioning stormwater drain infrastructure is recommended to help prevent flooding. Otherwise, you will be exposing your property to the risk of flooding damages that would cost thousands of dollars to fix. Always have your stormwater drain infrastructure inspected by a drain specialist for clogged drains and other damage before the rains start.

In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about stormwater drainage in Brisbane. Keep your drains in perfect condition in order to prevent nasty floods in your home.


How Does Stormwater Drainage Work?

Stormwater Drainage

Stormwater drainage is a plumbing system that collects ground runoff in your home compound. The system pipes are strategically placed around your compound to trap water from the roof and ground runoff when it rains and allow it to flow into Brisbane’s council mains.

Unfortunately, stormwater drains are some of the most neglected plumbing systems in most homes. That’s probably because they are only used during the rainy seasons. In order to allow the system to effectively drain your ground runoff, it must be maintained properly. We recommend that you get a seasoned drain specialist to help with a stormwater management plan for a perfectly functioning system.


Storm Water Drain Issues

Just like other drains in your plumbing systems, there are many issues that would affect the effectiveness of your stormwater drain system. However, due to the nature of these plumbing systems, their drain issues are somewhat different. When it rains, it is the only time that you get to realise the system is not collecting and draining rainwater as it should be. Here are the most common stormwater drain issues in Brisbane.


Stormwater Pits Blocked

A blocked pit is one of the biggest issues with stormwater drains. In fact, it is the leading reason why homes experience flood damage. Unlike typical drains in the home, stormwater drainage is exposed to larger sizes of solid materials that could easily cause the system to become blocked. During the dry season, pests usually make the stormwater drain in your backyard their home. Rodents such as rats and mice are the most commonly-found pests. They will bring kinds of things including clothes, plastic bags, tree leaves, etc. that will eventually block the pit.

There are also some species of birds that make their nests in stormwater pits or inside the landscape drainage system. In addition, squirrels and possums are also common pests since the drain system is in their natural habitats and provide perfect living conditions. All these pests contribute to the blocking of the system.

Lastly, there is a lot of debris or silt that collects in the drainage system during the rainy season. All the trash that is collected by ground runoff will build up and eventually cause a serious clog. Therefore, maintaining and inspecting your drain regularly is a must in order to prevent infrastructure damage.


Drain Pipe Breakage

Broken or defective pipes is another common problem with stormwater drainage. Although it is a rare occurrence, it can happen due to a number of factors. If you have heavy machinery moving around your yard, the problem might arise at any time. Heavy machinery can cause cracks in the pipes that then allow soil into the drainage system, thus clogging it. Only a replacement pipe can fix the problem.

In North Brisbane and South Brisbane, trees are commonly-seen everywhere. There are also many trees planted along the road. What most homeowners may not know is that trees could be the reason why their stormwater drainage systems are often blocked. In search of water, tree roots crack the pipes and grow inside the drain system eventually clogging it. At times, it could be tree roots from your neighbours’ homes or from outside your compound that is affecting your stormwater drainage system. You will need an expert plumber to assess your system and unblock your drains in cases like these. Tree roots will be removed and your drain system can then be working perfectly again.


Stormwater Drainage Solutions

Clogged Stormwater Drain Leaves

Every stormwater drainage issue has a solution. If you are unable to clear your blocked drains, we recommend that you seek help from a licensed plumber to fix the problem. As stormwater drainage specialists, we will be able to review your stormwater drainage setup and offer you a permanent, long-term solution to the issues you are experiencing.

Our inspection begins with a routine cleaning to remove any debris. Once we have inspected your stormwater drainage system, we will be able to recommend any necessary repairs.


Clogged Stormwater Pits and Drains

Clogged stormwater pits and drains from debris and silt build-up is a common problem in Brisbane. The best way to deal with silt/debris build-up in stormwater pits and drains is high-pressure drain cleaning. We use high-pressure tools which are very effective at cleaning the blockage and will ensure your drains remain unblocked. Water under high pressure is flushed down the drain to clear away the build-up.


Defective Drain Pipes

Broken pipes are the toughest stormwater issue though not common. They allow soil into the system, and that could explain the stubborn clogs you’ve been experiencing. The problem could be caused by the old system that has exceeded its lifespan, so pipes become weak and break. If that’s the case, we recommend that you replace the entire system. The issue could have been caused by tree roots breaking the pipe.

Keeping your stormwater drainage system well-maintained will help you avoid expensive repairs caused by flooding. Contact reputable and experienced drain specialists to fix your plumbing problems. At Drain Cleaning Brisbane, our expert plumbers have all your drain needs covered. We aim to help you keep your drain in perfect condition. Contact us and make an appointment to unblock your drains.