Blocked Drains Bracken Ridge

Bracken Ridge Bracken Ridge is a northern suburb of Brisbane city. The area is mostly residential and sits between Bald Hills and Sandgate/Deagon, 17 kilometers north of central Brisbane. The name was taken from a property in the area which was set amongst an abundance of bracken ferns. There are several famous landmarks in the area which includes a number of schools and educational institutions like St John Fisher College, Bracken Ridge State School and Norris Road State School.

The landscape in the suburb is, as the name suggests, generally hilly. The highest part of the suburb features a park and a reservoir. There are a large number of parks in the suburb, to name a few are that of the Enbrook Parkland and the Bill Brown Sports Reserve located on Telegraph Road, Bracken Ridge Reservoir, and Stanley Day Park. Mature trees with fully developed root systems are a feature of the suburb and this is evident with the number of blocked drains problems in the region. As Bracken Ridge becomes more urbanized however, many of these trees and being cut down.

Many of the residents of the suburb are professional couples and families living in the estates south, in Enbrook Heights and Sungate Estate. With the increase in residential subdivisions, the increase of materials and substances like grease, oil and food matter solidifies that serve as obstructions in drains and water ways also increases. Debris and hair that has washed down drains or toilets can also cause problems in the area.

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